In this day and age of technology, it can be challenging-at times to keep kids springy and mobile. Excessive homework, lack of active role models or workaholic parents can be hard for kids. There are some ways that you can help keep your children active and occupied, namely: Choosing age-appropriate activities […]

How to Keep Kids Active

Did you know that a mother starts loving her baby even before they meet for the first time? The bond that stays between them throughout their life develops early during pregnancy. It is always the pregnant mother who adapts her own lifestyle to suit the needs of her developing baby […]

Love between a Baby and Mother

One factor that is perhaps problematic for new mothers is sleep. A newborn has no fixed time for sleeping or any other activities. They sleep and wake anytime they want to, regardless of whether it is day or night. Sometimes, babies sleep through the day and stay awake throughout the […]

Newborn Baby and Mother’s Sleep

Expectant parents love shopping for their unborn children – clothes, furniture, as well as toys. Toys are something that are available in abundance everywhere, and everyone loves to buy them too. Parents and other family members of the new baby bundles up on a lot of toys and dolls for […]

Playing with your Child

Even before birth, it’s the mothers and the baby who cares for each other, loves each other and is completely inseparable. Before birth and after, the baby is a mother’s first and often, only priority. It is mostly the mother who keeps an account of her baby’s every needs – […]

Separation Anxiety: Mother and Baby

A little plant won’t grow up within a short time span. It takes a couple of years and a good hand of nourishment for it to mature. When kids are growing up, no wonder they will follow their parents as examples. So being parents – especially a mother – you […]

What your Baby Learns from you

It’s the mothers who hurt and worry when a baby is sick. It is one of the toughest situations that a mother has to face. However, in most of the times, illnesses that babies face are not serious; they are mostly colds, coughs, fevers, and vomiting. Babies also commonly have […]

Baby’s Illness and Mothers

The relationship among mom and child is the most powerful relation in nature. A mother and her baby’s special attachment are hooked for whole life. This attachment is an important building block for a mother and a baby, and also attachment in the brain that influences memory and behavior. This […]

Attachment between Mother and Baby

Being a mother is undoubtedly the most magnificent ride a woman can ever experience. Again with a child, a mother’s life turned out to be so much different than before. New life, new responsibilities along with the same routine life. Therefore, it’s really tough to manage everything. Certainly a lot […]

Having multiple Children at home

Handling a newborn appears to be quite an arduous and exacting job, especially for first time parents. After coming home, it might be a good idea for moms to hire a nurse; if that’s not an option, a responsible relative or neighbor can be entrusted to help out the mother […]

How to handle a newborn