10 Baby Items You Don’t Really Need

Whether you’re trying to save money, save space or just minimize extra “stuff” you don’t really need, there are a few items you might be able to cross off your registry list. Keep in mind that this is just one person’s list of unnecessary baby items, not everyone will agree. But there are plenty of things the baby industry will try to sell you that you just don’t need, read on to see which ones you could say no to.

1. Wipes warmer

Let’s face it, your baby isn’t going to like being cleaned up whether the wipe is warm or cold. A wipes warmer uses up electricity, requires maintenance and pad refills, and can even harbor bacteria or mold. This is one item I never even considered buying.

2. PeePee TeePee

The PeePee TeePee is a little fabric cone to place over your little boy’s boy-bits so that they don’t pee on you while you change their diaper. As a mom of three boys, I am definitely a fan of preventing being peed on, but a baby wipe or little washcloth works just as well! And soon, you’ll learn to be quick enough to keep the pee in the diaper.

3. Fancy crib bedding sets

Crib bedding sets can get very experience! And they’re completely unnecessary. Fluffy blankets, pillows, and crib bumpers are all suffocation hazards for little babies, so you won’t be using any of those things in the crib with the baby for quite a while anyway. Yes, a crib set can be a beautiful addition to a nursery, but a much more practical option is to simply get a couple pretty crib sheets.

4. Shoes

Babies don’t typically start walking until 9-12 months old and until they are steady on their feet, they really don’t need shoes. In fact, it’s best to start with bare feet, socks or soft-soled shoes when babies are just beginning to walk because feeling the ground under their feet will give them a better sense of balance and help them develop their strength and coordination.

5. Bottle warmer

If you’re using bottles, you may indeed need to warm your baby’s bottle – some just prefer them that way. However, a bottle warmer is not really necessary. You can warm the bottle just as easily, and sometimes even faster, in a big mug or measuring cup of warm water.

6. Changing table

The changing table is a pretty useless piece of furniture, if you ask me. It takes up space, costs quite a bit and doesn’t really have a use after the baby phase. You can just as easily use a counter changing pad on top of your baby’s dresser, or even on the floor to change diapers.

7. Special laundry or dish soap

You do want to be careful about the chemicals you use on your baby’s belongings, but special baby laundry and dish soap are usually a lot more expensive! You’d be much better off using natural and/or organic soaps for the whole family.

8. Baby food maker

There are so many options for feeding your baby when they’re ready to eat solids, sometime after six months. If you decide to go the homemade baby puree route, you can just as easily make them in a regular blender or food processor, no need for special baby food making equipment.

9. Multiple baby-holders

Swings, travel swings, bouncy seats, Bumbos, booster seats, Rock N Plays, they’re all just places for your baby to hang out and they take up a lot of space in your home. While it might be good to have one baby-holder, you don’t need a lot of them.

10. Infant car seat

Now this one may be controversial, some parents swear by the infant car seat for convenience’s sake. But a lot of parents find that the seat is awkward and heavy to carry and it is a big expense for something that will only be used for 6-12 months before your baby outgrows it. A much better option is to buy a high quality convertible car seat that will last your baby from birth until at least booster seat age.




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