When You Finally Have Time Kill Being a Mother

Is your only child or youngest child going off to school this fall? Will you finally have a few free hours during the day and you have no idea what to do with yourself? Don’t worry, here is a list of 35 ways for a Mama to fill her time while her kids are in school.

1. Finally catch up on the laundry mountain

2. Finally catch up on your favorite TV show

3. Stare into space and enjoy the silence

4. Read a book without pictures

5. Listen to whatever music you want

6. Try out your kids’ video games to see what all the fuss is about

7. Stare at your computer/phone for more than 5 minutes without feeling guilty

8. Take a nap

9. Pee by yourself

10. Break the rules – no food in the living room? Ha! Eat your veggies before you get dessert? Not this time!

11. Take an uninterrupted shower

12. Go get a massage or a manicure

13. Go for a walk without a stroller

14. Clean out your car

15. Clean out the kids’ car seats (…scary!)

16. Go for a long drive with the windows open and the music blaring

17. Run errands and enjoy NOT having to buckle the car seat 27 million times

18. Go grocery shopping alone

19. Go shopping for something other than groceries

20. Go to a museum or art exhibit

21. Go the library and don’t visit the kids’ area

22. Meet another (temporarily) child-free friend for coffee

23. Go out for coffee alone

24. Finish your coffee at home before it gets cold and without having to microwave it

25. Join a gym and skip the child care room fees

26. Take a class

27. Get a part time job

28. Make appointments without having to book a babysitter

29. Watch a movie in the middle of the day that has more than one swear word

30. Eat a candy bar without having to either hide it, or share it

31. Pick up a forgotten hobby (think knitting, sewing, word working, etc.)

32. Learn a new hobby

33. Get a pet – they can take up almost as much time as kids

34. Eat your whole lunch without sharing and without having to get up to get someone something

35. Have a lunch date with your husband

36. Do some deep house cleaning

37. Call your mom (everyone should do this more often, anyway)

38. Call a friend whose kids have been in school for a couple of years and rejoice with them

39. Reconnect with a friend you haven’t seen in a while

40. Write a good ol’ fashioned, snail-mail letter

41. Call a friend (with a sense of humor) who’s kids are not in school yet and gloat a little

42. Feel bad, call the friend back and offer to babysit their kids or make them dinner

43. Make important phone calls without having to hide in the bathroom from the kid-noise

44. Finally start organizing the billion and one pictures you’ve taken in your child’s 5 years

45. Decide what’s for dinner before 4 pm

46. Make a healthy and delicious after school snack for your kids

47. Eat the snack yourself and have to remake it for the kids

48. Volunteer at your child’s school because you miss them

49. Show up early for pickup because you ran out of things to do

50. Shed a few tears because you can’t believe your baby is old enough to be in school


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